5 Skills Every RPA Developer Should Have

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Previously we mentioned how RPA contributes to customer service, data entry jobs, and mining. Many of you probably wonder what it takes to become one since we all know this automation process may not come automatically. There is always going to be someone who develops and oversees the automation process, and the RPA developer is the one that is responsible for that. Have you got what it takes to become one? We will look into the crucial 5 skills here in this article.

Coding Skills

Coding is one of the essential skills that are required for those who are interested in becoming an RPA developer. Most RPA programmes are developed using Microsoft .Net Framework, and developers must master the Visual Basic .Net. VB.NET is the primary language RPA developers use to utilise Microsoft’s library of prebuilt methods to process complete data types that may run through an RPA solution.

Since Microsoft Office products are some of the generic applications utilised by businesses, they too are one of the most typical applications targeted by RPA efforts. Many RPA platforms provide immediate functionality and low-code (meaning businesses don’t have to do much coding but click and drag instead). Structured Query Language (SQL) is an additional language that can benefit developers since database integration is a daily task of RPA. Finally, do not forget Python, another helpful language that can assist developers in writing custom code and accessing libraries which is essential for RPA expansion.

Knowledge of your company’s systems Framework

Updates could be critical when it comes to the framework. Still, RPA developers should take note of the “hidden” charges that can alter Robotic Process Automation (RPA) performance, especially processes that need combining with many systems within an organisation. That is why it is crucial that developers fully understand their company’s internal frameworks thus, their bots can interact with all essential applications and devices as required to execute a process without any obstacles.

In most conditions, to integrate an RPA bot, developers should know that this integration is located on the UI layer of systems. However, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing since there will be a requirement to submit an API request because the current process is under an existing API. For API integration, developers will require a strong knowledge of XML and XSD, including a working understanding of SoapUI and REST API.

Process Mapping Skills

RPA developers also need to extract processes from their most fundamental parts, trail the movement of each of those parts, and, most importantly, map the progress of decision logic via a software system. RPA developers also need a working knowledge of using process mining software to have this structural or architectural skill. In regards to process mining, it is generally applied to analyse data and logs based on various processes and to identify barriers within the process.

 Change of Management Skills

Adapting to management changes is another expertise that RPA developers need to be proficient in. There are always going to be updates available in systems integration, especially if it involves automation processes and it can create an undesirable outcome. Hence, RPA professionals must fully grasp how and why a change/update can impact any programs designed to automate tasks. After that, their decisions would be crucial, so they have to decide what updates need to be applied to PA bots based on those current and future updates.

Data Analytics Experience

Data analytics is another skill set that is crucial for RPA developers to have. Usually, RPA would convert sophisticated data sets and process knowledge into a set of defined rules which is later used to automate and organise tasks. Another similarity is maths skills. It doesn’t come as a surprise if RPA developers also need to be good in maths since there will be a probability. Probability plays a big part in conducting automation deployments involving AI components and machine learning.

Those 5 skills, as stated, are crucial when it comes to becoming a complete RPA developer. Tao Net is a full-fledged software development company in Malaysia that has provided its expertise for over 20 years. The list of services is as follows; Robotic Process Automation (RPA), paynet direct debit, and enterprise application development in Java. Contact them today to get a high-value solution for your business needs!

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