Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Food Order Delivery Service

Before COVID-19 the demand for food delivery in the restaurant industry was not as much as compare to now due to easy access to get the food you order without relying much on the food delivery service. It is true also there a demand for the food delivery service especially for the people who live and work in the city which is they don’t want to waste their time to find parking and stuck in the traffic.

But when the pandemic hit this country everything has completely changed for every business in the way their business operates including the restaurant industry. Every business more focuses on doing their business online to reduce social contact with a person, that is when a company such as Grabfood and Foodpanda become a high demand these days.

In this article, we will reveal what are the advantage and disadvantages of using food delivery services.


  1. Convenience

    Customers can order their food from their phone while watching their Netflix show and having it delivered to their front door. Sounds great, right? That’s because it is, and the convenience draws many different types of customers, not just millennials. Parents which don’t have time to cook can use online food delivery and feed the entire family without turning on the oven. The convenience offered by online food delivery services is the best allure. Plus, food delivery companies in Malaysia always offer exciting free voucher to attract more customers to use the service.

  2. Find New Restaurants and New Customers

    More restaurants are becoming part of the online food delivery every day, permitting customers a bundle of food choices to pick when ordering. Rather than a customer being bound to a restaurant around their home or one that just draws in close by residents, customers can now be able to find a new restaurant. Connecting restaurant to new customers is perhaps the best advantage for the business and permits customers to be a little adventurous and try a new spot.

  3. Better Delivery Options

    Online ordering gives more choices. Now the customer can order a buffet of tasty food choices from their favourite local restaurant, even healthy options. Need to avoid chicken wings and request barbecued chicken with steamed vegetables all things considered? It’s conceivable. Need a serving of mixed greens as opposed to scarfing down a hamburger and French fries? Do it. Online food conveyance administrations are empowering clients to adhere to good dieting plans in any event, when they need to forego feast prep or eating out.

  4. Avoid from Weather Delays

    Harsh weather can be devastating to a restaurant’s bottom line. Customers stay cooped up inside to keep away from the elements, and restaurants remain emptier than usual because of the absence of customers. The approach of online food delivery service has permitted restaurants and customers to connect even in bad weather. The restaurant can handle consistent business and customers stay very well fed. Everybody stays dry, aside from the delivery driver.


  1. Wait Times

    Ordering from an online food delivery service is not a speedy encounter. Customers who looking for quick food should probably need to go to the restaurant themselves rather than contact the delivery service. Longer wait times for online food delivery can often be due to traffic, weather, how busy a restaurant is and the complexity of a customer’s order. Does a customer need to wait by an additional half-hour (or even 60 minutes) just to have their food delivered? Clients should get their food themselves if their hunger can’t hold it.

  2. Killing the Vibe

    Ever been to an empty restaurant? It’s a weird feeling when eating alone or with a couple of customers. Part of the allure of many restaurants is the environment. Customers can grill a steak or cook a pizza at home, however, they love the energy a few restaurants offer. Each online food delivery service order compares to one less customer who eating in the restaurant. While online orders can make a comparative or more great amount of sales, at what point does operating a mostly empty restaurant start to kill the spot’s energy and eat away at a restaurant’s social capital?

  3. More Expensive

    Customers are usually subject to charges when ordering through an online delivery service, notwithstanding the expense of the food. These expenses can incorporate a booking charge, busy area charges and also a tip to the delivery driver. Is the food worth a couple of additional fees just to have it delivered?

  4. Isolated Disconnect

    Dining at a restaurant is an interesting and good experience, intended to be shared with loved ones. Consumers lose the restaurant atmosphere and dining interaction when selecting to use an online food delivery service. Eating in solitude with just your favourite streaming shows accompany you encourage an attitude of isolation, gradually detaching you from the rest of the world.

Regardless of certain flaws, online food delivery services are commonly advantageous for both clients and restaurants. They permit customers to differentiate their culinary palates from their couches by trying new restaurants and helping restaurants drawing in new customers. At Hargapedia they offered a lot of exciting free vouchers in Malaysia and they also offer many great Foodpanda Malaysia vouchers for you, so what you waiting for go grab them today!

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