Different Type of Land Surveys in Malaysia That You Should Know

As long as people had the idea of owning land, they need to measure and check the boundary of their properties. Land surveying stays as an important industry serving home builders and owners until today. The field has developed over numerous ages to accommodate different land survey types in Malaysia, and to utilize substantially more modern equipment.

Land surveys are needed if you are to precisely mark the boundaries of any property you are buying, selling, or renovate. A land surveyor works with various modern instruments to make estimations, take pictures, and make calculations to decide these boundary lines and estimations.

Here are few examples of some most regular type of land survey you ought to know about:

  1. Boundary surveys

    Boundary surveys include the two estimations and research. Their primary role is to discover and affirm boundary lines and corners of any piece of land as per state regulations. The result surveys may incorporate infringements and easement lines and should be able to be performed in a couple of hours, however, it will change depending upon the lot size. A Boundary survey may depend to some degree on existing data about the property on file with a city or county clerk.

  2. Location surveys

    This survey is like boundary surveys, but it features more information about enhancements inside the property lines. Zoning permits or loan applications will regularly require location surveys as part of their conditions.

  3. Construction survey

    Construction surveys involve staking out structures and different features on properties inside a construction project. One may stake outbuildings, utilities, walls, or roads. The staking is designed not only to show where these structures will lie, yet in addition to determining slope and vertical also horizontal grading.

  4. Topographic surveys

    This survey is usually performed by civil engineers and is used to find features such as ditches, roads, utilities, embankments, contours, waterways, and different types of improvements on the property. They may include the utilization of aerial photography to get a better glance at the layout of the land, as well as on-the-ground, traditional field surveying methods. Any natural and manmade features that are on top of the ground will be included in a topographic survey, which makes them a useful tool for just about any type of project. At GD Survey they are specialists in conducting the topographic survey in Malaysia and Brunei, look for them for more details.

  5. Site planning surveys

    This survey is a combination of boundary and topographic surveys, it is used for designing industrial and commercial sites, subdivisions, stores, playgrounds, housing lots, and different types of building sites. This kind of survey must be performed before any construction can start.

  6. Subdivision surveys

    Subdivision surveys is a specific type of site planning survey used to divide subdivisions into small lots and estate. These surveys may be needed by local governments when planning out lots, streets, and drainage for new planned communities or subdivisions.

For more data about the different types of land surveys you’re probably going to experience, look for an expert utility mapping in Malaysia at Global Detection Solution Sdn. Bhd. today!

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