History of PappaRoti

Papparoti founder

Rasha Sharif Al Dhanhani is a businesswoman and entrepreneur in the UAE, and the founder of the PappaRoti coffee chain. Al Danhani studied entrepreneurship at Dubai Women’s College and graduated in 1998. She started his career in banking but then turned to real estate.

In 2009 Al Danhani acquired the Malaysian bread brand PappaRoti (meaning ‘Father of the bun in Malaysian) that started in 2003, the brand turned from a maker of buns and beverages into a coffee shop chain, with the coffee-coated bun as its signature. In an interview, Al Dahnhani stated that she used her savings from previous work and loans from her father to purchase the brand. The first store was a small kiosk opened in Dubai Mall in 2009, with only 5 people were employed. Five years later, the number of locations exceeded 200. As of February 2020, PappaRoti has over 400 stores and kiosks located mostly throughout the Middle East and eastern Asia, with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, and other countries.

Papparoti Malaysia History

Papparoti was introduced to Malaysia in 2003 make it’s as the first unique and delicious snack idea bread company in Malaysia. The company’s brand success stems from the original and extraordinary taste of the coffee buns recipe, as well as the delicious beverages. Today, there are more than 400 PappaRoti cafes and kiosks around the world, which absolutely proves the appeal of its brand.

This very successful chain not only provides delicious food and drinks, but also has a real impact on the senses. Right from the exceptional aroma that lure customers, to the visually attractive array of meals and frothy drinks and the delectable taste that has garnered wide-spread acclaim. The delicious coffee caramel buns have proven themselves and are now very popular in countries from China to the United Arab Emirates. Though the artwork of pastry definitely varies throughout distinctive cultures, Papparoti has efficiently advanced a completely unique and single recipe that surpasses cultural range and appeals to a global audience.

Our products are certified Halal by JAKIM Malaysia, and our manufacturing site adheres to strict food safety standards set by ISO 9001 and HACCP systems to meet international export requirements. Only Papparoti Signature Bun, Papparollie, Papparoti Durian Custard, Papparoti Signature Cookies, Papparoti Molten Tart, Papparollie Red Bean Filling, Papparollie Pumpkin Filling and Papparollie Sweet Potato Filling are produced by our ISO & HACCP certified factory in Malaysia. Visit their website today to order their signature coffee bun and explore more of their variety of beverages.

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