The Importance Of Process Mining in Digital Transformation

Process mining in digital transformation.

 Process Mining Impact in Digital Transformation

Process Mining is a groundwork for recognising and systematically analysing processes including both IT and non-IT processes. Apart from RPA, process mining is one of the core areas that are vital for digital transformation. This article will explore the importance of process mining and ways of applying it in digital transformation projects.

Process Mining assists organisations in acquiring information from the company’s daily transactions databases. These databases consist of ERP ( enterprise resource planning), HRM ( human resource management), CRM (customer relationship management). Process mining then provides comprehensive and data-driven information when it comes to how key processes are operating. It creates event logs or records details when a task is completed such as an order is received, a product is delivered and payment is made. The logs will show real-time events on how computer-mediated work operates including how it departs, how long the process takes, and who did the process. Process analytics, a part of process mining, come up with key performance indicators for the process, which allows a company to look into and focus on the priority parts of the process for improvement. AI algorithms from process mining can detect the main causes of discrepancy such as the data might display a process where a customer needs a credit check and it is slowed down greatly.

How does Process mining impact digital transformation?

Generally, process mining technology is a one-stop platform to help you detect, monitor, and enhance your business processes. It analyses event logs and other available data and then produces a graphic representation of the workflows. This graphic representation allows you to detect problems urgently, find the process bottlenecks, focussing areas where there is duplication of work, and later on, show improvements that need to be applied to the processes. The core capabilities of process mining technology consist of inspecting key performance indicators in real-time, scenario testing and predictive analysis, visualisation of how processes affect the business outcomes, and standardisation of processes. 

Other sources that process mining is good at are compiling or collecting data from different sources which are event trackers, process templates and software logs. Process mining assists in monitoring the organic changes of routine business processes. In return, it creates valuable, multi-disciplined insight on how organisations can operate smoothly, efficiently, effectively, and adhere to the changes of priorities. The core reason on why process mining can help businesses of all sizes in terms of operations is because it analyses different important business-relevant indicators such as the maximum system utilisation and average response time, apart from addressing the bottlenecks in the process, infrastructure and, business-specific data. Many industry sectors can benefit from process mining such as manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare.

It is also important for businesses to find the right process for mining solutions and techniques since not all organisations have the same process, plans to operate their business. Firstly, e-mail and phone conversations must be automated since it is the most common computer-mediated work. IT professionals can refer to the literature review, also liaise with colleagues or peers before committing to this new initiative. Process mining tools that are available in the market today carry in terms of cost, features, and methodology. Most of the time commercial tools are the way to go if a business needs a deep understanding of the process and analysing complex processes. However, there is also free open-source software to test the water.

To wrap up, process mining is a very data-driven and analytical approach tool. Due to its sophisticated technology, it is always being employed by large-scale companies to run the business and improve efficiency. Companies especially in this modern times should capitalise on their business by implementing these advanced techniques such as robotic process automation and process mining. The key determinants in identifying a company’s success are managing organisational resources, innovation, and flexibility and these three factors have to be done through digital transformation. is a software company in Malaysia that provides these services. Contact them today for a consultation and what these digital transformation services can do for your business.

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