Types and Attributes of Clinical Non Woven Fabric

Today, there are two types of clinical non-woven products. One is artificial tissues and organs with moderately high technological substance. The other is non-woven clinical products, for example, surgical kits, medical bandage, tape, medical hemostatic cells, and general medical non-woven products, for example, surgical gowns, protective clothing, shoes, and caps.

According to the application, there are two kinds of clinical non-woven: protective clinical product and useful clinical product. Protective clinical product primarily alludes to surgical gowns, masks, bed sheets, curtains, and so forth. Functional clinical products are mostly gauze, bandage, stitches, artificial blood vessels, artificial interior organs, artificial skin, clinical filter materials, and health products.

  1. Protective clinical supplies

    Protective clinical supplies are by implication utilized for patients. Their function is to improve the clean climate of the treatment area, prevent bacterial penetration and cause indirect infection and virus cross-infection, and upgrade the treatment effect. Protection impact, cost, and comfort are the three significant components of indirect clinical supplies and protection supplies. Since the traditional cotton woven fabric is easy to fall off cotton chips and produce dust during use, the distinction in pore inclusion between yarns after washing leads to weakening the barrier to microscopic organisms, inadequate sanitization, and other inadequacies as bacteria. With the improvement of clinical and health awareness, traditional cotton woven fabric be replaced with disposable non-woven fabrics.

  2. Surgical gowns and surgical towels

    Surgical outfits and surgical towels are equivalently essential for patients and doctors since when liquid enters through the material, microorganisms are likewise brought in. Subsequently, a surgical gown must have the option to forestall the entrance of fluids and the accompanying bacterial attack. The particulate issue is definitely present in the air in the operating room each individual shed around 10,000 particles of pollutants consistently, and each contamination is probably contained germs. Consequently, surgical gowns are needed to play a part in lessening the resulting infection.

  3. Face mask

    The mask can forestall the mutual contamination between the doctor and the patient through the air. Spun lace non-woven fabric or composite materials with melt-blown non-woven fabric in between are delicate, breathable, and have good filtering function. Melt-blown non-woven fabric with fiber width more modest than the width of the virus and dust are typically utilized. The surface region of ​​the filaments in the woven fabric is increased, thereby guaranteeing great gas filtration and bacteria protection capacities.

    Individuals also have developed a non-woven face mask made of antibacterial fibers, which comprises two layers of needle-punched non-woven fabric. The needle-punched non-woven fabric has a three-dimensional structure, and the pore channel is a bug catching network structure, which has a specific strength and is a good filter material. Between the surface layer and the inward layer, a layer of feathery polypropylene fiber net or polarized polypropylene fibers net made by the melt-blown method is sandwiched, and its capacity is to enhance the capacity of filtering microbes. Composite non-woven fabric also gradually starts to applied to the face mask.

  4. Functional Medical supplies

    Functional medical supplies refer to supplies used to treat patients, which can be isolated into clinical supplies utilized for wounds, clinical supplies embedded into the human body, clinical filter materials, and health care products as per their uses. Such a product has higher necessities on the hygiene standard and therapeutic elements of fibers and their products.

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