Ways of Taking Advantage of Trending News in Malaysia

Slicing through the commotion of the media and getting seen by your target audience can some of the time be challenging. Exploiting the hot topic in Malaysia which are as of now getting seen is a great spot to begin. Latest topic, the most recent trends, and trending news in Malaysia are bound to catch your target audience’s attention, create social sharing and empower engagement with your brand. Holding onto stories that are trending in the news and on the web, an idea known as ‘newsjacking’ is a phenomenal method to keep your business in the media, give your specialized opinion and build your idea leadership. Here are a few strategies to follow when looking to take advantage of trending news stories.


    1. Pick the right news stories

      You should have the option to figure out which stories will work for your business. Just leverage stories that would draw in your crowd and relate straightforwardly to your brand and business. For instance if you are an insurance agency and you notice plenty of stories in the media about rising protection charges, you can pitch yourself to a relevant journalist as a specialist to remark on these issues.

    2. Be Prepared

      Be proactive and plan for potential opportunities. Consider points that identify with your area of expertise and conceptualize any conceivable news events that could be identified with these topics. You can then responsively pitch to media sources when a comparable story arises.

    3. Observe the media and social media

      A major piece of this interaction is observing the discussions in the media and via social media. By staying up with the latest, you will be better ready to get on stories that will work for you or your business. Following journalist and media sources on Twitter is a magnificent method to keep informed regarding all breaking news and find media opportunities. Twitter permits you to coordinate your followers into isolated lists which can make it simpler to see recent tweets from journalists and media sources.Social media platform, for example, Facebook and Twitter have streams which grandstand what news and topics are the most famous among users on their platform. Getting to these trending topics gives an understanding of what your target audience are discussing and what content they are drawing in with.

    4. Be timely

      Timeliness is vital as far as gaining by breaking news. It is imperative to know about what’s happening and to comprehend the possible relevance to your industry if there is any. At the point when you do discover something applicable to your industry and have something suitable to react with, express your conclusions via social media or through a blog entry, or contact the media.

    5. Be Ingenious

      When reacting to trending news, it is essential to be pretty much as useful and creative as could be expected. Furnish journalists with new material they haven’t written before and guarantee that you are offering an expert opinion or guidance to back up your story. Offering an alternate point to the current trending stories is a superb method to arouse a writer’s curiosity in your story.

  1. It is imperative to recall that a few out of every news story will be reasonable for you or your business to react to. You need to move toward utilizing trending news stories morally and delicately. Consider the manners in which that you can utilize ongoing engagement authentically. With the correct methodology, planning, and thought you can use the most recent news stories and trends to get your business noticed

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