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Which industries adopt RPA implementation?

Which industries adopt RPA implementation? […]


Why Businesses need RPA?

What is RPA? We all […]

papparoti Malaysia

History of PappaRoti

Papparoti is one of the well-known bread company in Malaysia that has multiple branches worldwide. Read more to know how Papparoti start in Malaysia.

food delivery

Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Food Order Delivery Service

Food delivery services are one of the high demand services nowadays. Find out more of advantages & disadvantages using food delivery services.

SME Malaysia

Trending Now in Malaysia, Digitalization Among SME’s

Digitalization in business has become trending now in Malaysia that every business especially SME have no other choice to follow these trend.

video marketing

Hot Topic Malaysia: Is Video Advertising Give An Impact on Digital Marketing

Video advertising currently is become a hot topic in Digital Marketing Malaysia, read more to know about it’s impact.

trending news

Ways of Taking Advantage of Trending News in Malaysia

In the digital world, it is important to stay update with current news and trends which will give benefit to your brand image. Here are the ways to stay update with current trending news.

Mystery shopper

Why Businesses Need Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping service is consider as important step need to take every businesses in order to know what can be improve in their business

latest trends in Malaysia

Importance of Awareness Latest Business Trend in Malaysia

Alert to the latest trends in business is very important skill to have for every entrepreneur in Malaysia here is why.

current digital marketing trends in malaysia

Digital Marketing Trends in Malaysia You Should Follow in 2021

Due to pandemic attack of Covid-19 in Malaysia a lot of change including…